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LaPlant Dental Lab specializes in crown and bridge restorations of all types. Our lab uses seven different types of porcelain for a variety of restorations and eight different types of noble and high-noble gold restorations. Only precious alloys are used in the laboratory. LaPlant’s also specializes in all types of implant and precision attachment cases. We are always ready to assist you in discussing available treatment options.

Custom precision milling for removable partial denture/combination C&B cases:
LaPlant Dental Lab works in partnership with an adjoining laboratory (Dentek Dental Studio ) for all types of removable prosthetics (including partials and overdentures).

Cosmetic restorative work:
In recent years, the lab has seen tremendous growth in cosmetic restorative work. To stay competitive, LaPlant’s continues to implement new technology, including; ZirBrux Zirconia restorations, LAVA® restorations ,eMax (R), pressed porcelain, and computerized digital shade verification to achieve optimum aesthetic results.

Porcelain / Metal Restorations
• Semi-Precious (Noble) Pd / Ag
• Precious (Noble) Pd – Silver Free
• Premium White Gold (High Noble)
• Premium Yellow Gold (High Noble)

Pressed / All-Ceramic Restorations
• IPS e.Max – Inlays / Onlays / Veneer Facings
IPS e.Max – Low Wear™ Layered Crowns & Facings
PROCERA® Zirconia Alumina Crowns / Veneer Facings
LAVA® Zirconia Crowns & Bridges
• ZirBrux Full Contoured and Layered Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

All-Metal Restorations
• Custom Cast Post & Core (plus metal of choice)
• Inlay / Onlay / Full Crowns & Pontics (plus additional metal of choice charge)

Specialty Products / Services
• Fixed Implants (any & all systems)
For ordering purposes, please call to discuss if specialty parts are required

• Implant Tissue Mask Models
• Precision Attachments (any & all systems)
• Precision Milling Services (basic up to custom European milling)
• Heat & Pressure Cured Temporary Crowns & Pontics (for both conventional or implant cases)
• White Wax-Up Models for Evaluation & Case Presentation Additional Services
• Model, Die, Duplicate Models, Articulations (conventional & all adjustable types)
• Porcelain Butt Shoulder Margins (180°, 270°, and 360°)
• Ceramco 3 Low Abrasive Porcelain
• VITA (VM13)® Low-Abrasive Digital Color-Matched Porcelain
• Maryland Bridges - Various Designs & PinLedge Bridges
• Crowns and Bridges Custom Fit to Existing RPDs
• Various Brochures, DVDs & CDs on Products & Services

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